Innovation /in-no-va-tion/ (n.) the introduction of new thoughts and ideas; the act of creating new concepts and products.

What is the App Market?

Designed as an interactive marketplace for the scientific computing community, the App Market will allow users to buy and sell software applications. Our industry partners and developers will be able to collaborate and work together as they create accelerated solutions for a wide variety of needs.

 How does it work?
In order to submit apps for consideration, developers must first contact HySpeed Computing and register your interest. All apps must be submitted with an overview, user manual and small example data set. With this, each app will undergo thorough testing through our quality control process before being uploaded to the App Market for purchase. Developers retain rights to their intellectual property and receive the majority share of profits for each sale.
 What type of applications are targeted?
The App Market's initial focus will be applications for use in geospatial analysis (remote sensing and GIS). Other application areas will be incorporated as the innovation community evolves.

Applications may be stand-alone executables, plugin modules for existing software or they can also be building blocks for other developers to utilize in creating their own applications (e.g., plotting routine, data analysis, input/output formatting). Ultimately, developers are only limited by their own imagination.
 When will the App Market be live?
The App Market is set to launch in 2014, but we are actively soliciting developers to register with HySpeed Computing and begin working on developing their Apps.
 Corporate Social Responsibility
HySpeed Computing is dedicated to socially responsible business practices. As such, we are developing our own applications to be made freely available to approved non-profit organizations. We will also donate a percentage of our profits to approved non-profit organizations. We encourage our developers to do the same.