• Bring your ideas to market
  • Retain intellectual property
  • Profit from your work
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Inventor /in-ven-tor/ (n.) a person who creates or develops new processes or methods; one who generates new ideas and solutions.

Bring Your Great Ideas to Market

Connect through HySpeed computing to share your concepts and creations with the scientific community. You will be able to collaborate with others, share your thoughts, help evolve existing apps and sell your own creations. Contact us today to register as a developer.
 How can I become an developer?
The first step is to contact HySpeed Computing and register your interest. Accepted registrants will be asked to submit an initial app for quality review. Once first app is approved, you become a Developer. Developers who hit innovation milestones then become approved developers.
 What about intellectual property?
The developer retains all intellectual property rights to their application. HySpeed Computing is providing the framework for developers to sell their software and makes no claims to any intellectual property submitted by developers.
 What software licensing options will be available?
Developers have the option of selling applications as executable software or open source code. Executable software will be protected using traditional software license keys and end user license agreements. Open source code will be offered through standard open source licenses.
 Can developers participate in social responsibility?
Yes. Developers will be encouraged, but not required, to contribute their App(s) and/or a percentage of profits to non-profit organizations. It is our hope to use our community of intellectuals to further good causes in the workd as well as our own goals.