Community /com-mu-ni-ty/ (n.) a social group sharing common interests and goals.

Our Community

Our innovation community is designed to encourage positive collaboration among our many developers and industry partners; where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It is together, through these strong partnerships, that we can achieve great things.

Developers are encouraged to collaborate with one another in a variety of ways, allowing expertise in different fields to merge into integrated, advanced products. By posting building blocks and other integral parts to a greater app vision, our community is able to combine resources like never before to create software with powerful computing potential.
 Free Data and Imagery
A collection of data sets are provided as a free community resource for you to test and develop your own applications. Just follow the Data Sets link at the top of this page to explore what's available.
 Software Challenges
Data sets stating specific challenges will also be made freely available to stimulate innovation. Developers will be encouraged to submit their best solutions to these challenges.
 Success Stories
We are eager to hear your stories describing your success with applying apps to various computing needs and challenges. Send us your stories so we can post them for the community to see.